A Tale of Two Entities

Every now and again, you see stuff on Companies House that you have to look at twice to make sure you have read it correctly.

Here is one recent example which I will post without comment.

It starts with this article in a recent edition of Berlingske Business (the Danish equivalent of the Financial Times) – the article can be found here.

My senses always prick up when I see references to LLPs and, anyway, I had heard of these two before. But being associated with two different banks was extremely interesting.

So, off I went to Companies House to see what I could find. And here it is:

First their respective overview pages:

And here are their respective designated members:

OK, so far, it’s interesting but lots of LLPs are formed the same day and often with the same designated members.

Let’s look at their respective filing histories:

Ooh, very similar. What about their accounts:

It’s that man again! And, my word they appear to have done exactly the same business. Or it’s all a scam.

I can’t help thinking that if CH digitised all its records and had some relatively straightforward monitoring programme running in the background (you know, like the sort banks have to use) they would find stuff like this, over and over again. You never know, they might even start detecting anomalous behaviour before millions (or billions) of GBP or USD are washed through the system via some nice sunny location before ending up invested in bricks and mortar back in London.

You never know…