And finally… (Troika Part 3)

I just couldn’t resist it. There was one more paragraph inthe OCCRP report that mentioned a couple more BVI companies.

I’ve already written about Quantus but what about Brightwelland Gotland?

They didn’t disappoint.

There are two Brightwells. One a Scottish LimitedPartnership, one a UK Limited Liability Partnership.

Brightwell United LP is registered at Mitchell Street,Edinburgh and has Voxpoint and Goldstein as their partners (about who I’vewritten before and who are also partners to Tradecity Industrial LP which livesat the same address and got a mention in my previous article).

Brightwell Trade LLP was registered at Whitchurch Road,Cardiff (the nail bar premises) and had good old Ireland & Overseas andMilltown as their designated members. Not just that, they had accounts signedoff by Ali Moulaye!!

And Gotland?

Take your pick.

There’s Svenska Gotland LP or Gotland Selection Ltd.

Svenska Gotland LP is another Montgomery Street entity, with the Murphy’s as their signatories and Hokkaido and Okinawa as their two partners. They’ve been involved in a number of tricky situations, for example this recent article on Binary Options:

Remarkably, I’ve written about Gotland Selection Ltd before.They make an appearance in my article “Whathave Volcanoes, Grenada and St Vincent & the Grenadines got in common?”

It is one of a large number of companies registered to an address in Birmingham which has two Grenadians and two Vincentians as their shareholders.

So there we have it. A whole heap of offshore companies, almost all of which have some sort of doppelganger lurking in the UK corporate registry. What on earth could it all mean?

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