Companies House curiosities

Or “Help! I don’t know how to spell my own name!”

For the last few weeks I’ve been engaged in a major piece of research which I’m hoping to publish soon. As part of that work, I have started to create a database of signatures that appear repeatedly on a whole range of company accounts in which I’m interested but which don’t always carry a by-line saying who they are.

As it started to grow, I started to notice a few anomalies, so I’ve decided to take a short break from the major article to post this shorter, slightly more amusing one.

It’s a tongue in cheek, rogues gallery of anomalous autographs and troubling typos.

Let’s start with this lady:


That’s a pretty easy to read, easy to spell, set of names, isn’t it?

And yet, next time it appeared it looked like this:


Whoa! Where’d that extra ‘n’ come from? It’s one thing for someone to forget to include their middle name (fair enough) but adding in an extra letter (or forgetting one, first time around) is just plain weird.

Let’s have another go.


Letreica Lamb? Wow, that’s an unusual name. Not one you’d forget in a hurry.

And here it is again:


Except now it’s Latricia. We’ve lost an ‘e’ and found an ‘i’! But at least, this time, the signature has stayed the same.

And, on the subject of the signature saying the same, here are three identical signatures.


Such a shame they were supposed to be three different people.

And finally, where would one of these articles be without our dear friend Ali Moulaye.

He is about to make six (yes, six) appearances. Only each one will be subtly different.

No. 1 – the Ali Moulaye we know and love:


No. 2 – and then there’s Ali Moullaye with an extra ‘l’


No. 3 – with a ‘y’ for an ‘i’ (but still double’l’)


No. 4 – two double ‘l’s but we’ve lost a ‘y’


No. 5 – where do I start with this one?


No. 6 – and finally, the briefest of all. Shortest name and no stamp:


Oh, and just for a bonus, here’s his signature again… but wait… 😊


Oh dear.

So there we have it. Companies House curiosities. I’m sure I’ll find more which I will add to this article as I find them.

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