Danske Bank Estonia: have we followed all the money? – Part 2

Don’t you just love the power of networking and social media!

Within a short space of time of me publishing my original article on my blog (www.grahambarrow.com), on LinkedIn and Twitter I had been pointed towards another piece of this jigsaw.

Almost exactly a year ago, Danish newspaper Berlingske published an article relating to a connection between Danske Estonia and Danske Lithuania (English version). In the article, Berlingske named a BVI entity called Yellowstone Import Limited as having an account with Danske Lithuania which was sending suspiciously large amounts of money through to an equally suspicious UK entity in Danske Estonia.

Sadly we don’t know the name of the suspicious UK entity (but if anyone out there does, please let me know) but I can say a little bit more about Yellowstone as it appears in the ICIJ’s Offshore Leaks website (https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/23522).It is listed as a shareholder of RCL Investments Inc which names two directors (Colin Peter Bradford and Alla Kolesnikova) alongside G.S.L. Law &Consulting Ltd as the Intermediary. GSL Law are connected to well over 2,000 entities on the ICIJ database and were named (along with a gentleman called  Stephen John Kelly) in a complaint brought by Hermitage Capital Management (Bill Browder’s fund) in the Magnitsky case (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financial-crime/9250813/British-aristocrat-linked-to-Sergei-Magnitsky-case.html

I mention this as there is a Colin Bradford who lives at the same address as the one which appears on the ICIJ Offshore leaks database who was director of a company called Gainsford Investments Ltd and who was followed a few years later as a director by Stephen John Kelly.

And, of course, Lithuania appears fairly prominently in the Magnitsky network diagram filed by Hermitage in the Prevezon case (https://www.docketalarm.com/cases/New_York_Southern_District_Court/1–13-cv-06326/United_States_of_America_v._Prevezon_Holdings_Ltd._et_al/555/2/).

None of which necessarily means anything but I am always intrigued by these connections.

Who knows, maybe this article will prompt some further revelations?

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