Help! I don’t know who I work for!

Just a quick article for the end of the week.

And it’s another example of the lack of any sort of checks by Companies House.

Here are three examples of paperwork being submitted by entities that have nothing to do with the partnership for which they are filing.

First up is Manhattan Industries LLP which is represented by two designated members as you can see from the attached screenshot. NOTE: 2 officers/0 resignations (i.e. there has never been anyone else representing the company.

And here are their accounts for 2015, signed by the ever present Ali Moullaye (in double “l” mode) on behalf of… er… Altimex Ltd?’


And then there’s Mondwell Contracts LLP, represented by Astrocom AG and Exponet GMBH (Don’t be fooled by those initials, by the way. They are both registered in Seychelles). As per this screen shot (again 2 officers/0 resignations):

And the accounts for 2013 (again signed off by Mr. Moulaye) on behalf of… er… Formond Inc.

Double oops!

And finally, Walknet Business LLP. Also Astrocom and Exponet and also signed off by Mr Moulaye on behalf of Formond (again).

Treble oops.