Russian Laundromat Data – an occasional foray: #1

Did you know you can download an Excel spreadsheet with the payee details of all the firms who sent or received money through the Russian Laundromat?

Of course, and very importantly, simply sending or receiving money that happened to flow through one of the Laundromat accounts is not in anyway indicative of criminal or even suspicious activity but every now and then, a foray into the data reveals interesting results.

Today’s candidate is a firm called Edward Marshall LLP. According to the OCCRP data, the sum of $US243,780 was sent from one of the Laundromat Accounts to an account in GB.

It being a Limited Liability Partnership, we can find more through Companies House, where it becomes apparent that it was incorporated in 2012, it has three current Designated Members and, since its formation has only ever filed dormant accounts. Which is odd for a firm that appears to have received best part of a quarter of a million dollars from a Latvian bank account.

Even more intriguingly, it has its own website and it has occasionally appeared in the press.

For instance, in August 2016 in an article in the Law Society Gazette it stated that they had been named by the government for not paying the National Minimum wage and was found to have owed a worker £776.50.

It’s also worth noting that in their latest annual dormant account filing they insist on page 5 that they are a “private company limited by shares” which is an odd thing for a Limited Liability Partnership to declare. Particularly one which appears to be trading from two separate offices in Essex and Central London.

But I’m sure there’s a very reasonable explanation for all of this.

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